Dashiel Sayre: Web star with 30,000 followers

POPULAR: Celebrity blogger Xiaxue says Dashiel has five different fan pages dedicated to him. - PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM/ XIAXUE

He has graced the cover of a local English entertainment magazine and had his very own meet-and-greet party in March with over 100 fans turning up.

And he is only 19 months old.

We're talking about cutie pie Dashiel, the son of local celebrity blogger Xiaxue and her American husband Mike Sayre.

After he was born, companies sponsored shower products, diapers and shoes, among other things.

The toddler has already gained a huge following online, with each photo of him on Xiaxue's Instagram account getting over 30,000 likes.

Xiaxue, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, 30, said: "He has five different fan pages online dedicated to him, with the most active one having 30,000 followers."


She added: "I am very honoured that Dashiel is on the list, I feel like we've accomplished something. Hopefully we can win, but there is very tough competition.

"I felt so happy when Zed was born. Everyone was hoping for (Fann Wong and Christopher Lee) to have a baby since a decade ago, and it finally happened.

"Both (Zed and Aden) are very cute and have power genes from their mums and dads."