DJ Mike Kasem makes feature film debut

Class 95FM DJ Mike Kasem (above) features in one of the five horror clips in Afterimages, called Skin Deep.

He plays a dentist called Harrison, who is trapped in a lift with other shoppers in a mall.

Little did anyone know that Kasem is actually claustrophobic.

"I'll be fine, but at some point, I'll have to tell myself to calm down a little bit," he said.

He also had his own spooky encounter to share.

Two months ago, while hosting evening show Cartunes with co-host Jean Danker, the pair heard a little girl greet them.

But there was no one else in the studio apart from them.

"The voice said 'Hi guys!'. Jean was looking at me wide-eyed as she gave the traffic updates and I told her later that I had heard the same thing. It turns out that other DJs had heard the same voice too," said the 41-year-old Singapore-based US-born radio personality.

"I'm okay with it, it doesn't scare me too much. It sounds to me like somebody who enjoys being in the studio and listening to us. It got to Jean a little bit because she didn't want to go to the bathroom after that."

Afterimages is Kasem's first big feature film appearance.


He will next star as a Pakistani reporter who spends time in London in upcoming local film 1965 directed by Randy Ang.

In preparation for his role, he has sought help from Afterimages co-star Daniel Jenkins, who is British.

"The first time we met is on the set of this film and I've asked him for some acting lessons," said Kasem.