Fancy popping the question?


"A Hong Kong-based Briton in his 40s had planned to propose to his girlfriend in Singapore. He wanted a Mission Impossible-meets-jewellery heist concept to raise her suspicion that he might be a jewellery thief. There was even a mock newspaper article on the "robbery" with his photo on the page. After dinner, two people posed as detectives to interrogate him and found a diamond ring, which was when he sang a song for her and proposed. The total cost was about $5,000."


"It took place at colonial mansion The White House at Mount Emily. There were elaborate decorations and a billboard-sized photo montage of all the couple's personal snaps. We also catered food for a post-proposal dinner. It was very fancy and cost about $10,000."



“The man’s girlfriend managed to discover his initial proposal plan, so he came to us for a new plan. He wanted to take her to Sentosa’s laser light and music display show songs of the sea, but instead, we staged a shadow play show by the sea based on their love story. She was so surprised she burst into tears to the point that I was teary myself. This couple were so in love.”


"Last December, we planned a beach treasure hunt proposal which also involved an imported Doraemon mascot. Unfortunately, it rained the entire day and we only had an hour of relief from the rain to execute everything."



"It was an unusual location - a grass patch behind a temple at Tanjong Pagar. We had to chase away wild dogs from the area. We initially advised the man against it, but went ahead anyway because it was a sentimental venue for them. This was also one of the most unconventional proposals to date, sweet and simple because it did not involve fancy logistics. It cost about $1,500 (for the decorative set up, styling, and proposal video)."