He just wants to be an actor


This manhunt finalist has both brains and brawn.

The 24-year-old law student at the National University Of Singapore is slated to graduate next year.

But one of his other dream vocations will surprise you.

The 1.73m-tall undergrad, who weighs 66kg, wants to be an actor.

This year, Mr Ngo got to relish his first TV role as an extra in the second season of Channel 5 crime drama Code Of Law.

Having joined Manhunt to gain exposure for his potential showbiz career, he said: "Even though I appeared only in the first scene (of Code Of Law) as the guy who found the body, acting is my passion.

"I don't know how practising law and acting at the same time is going to pan out."

"No one is perfect and even though I may be an intellectual when it comes to textbooks, I may not be so in the practical side of things," added the humble man.