He tells others to lose weight


Thanks to him, a group of Singaporeans have collectively lost over 200kg in the last year.

Lim, 29, the co-founder of sports and fitness service provider Team Axis, is one of the trainers for the seventh season of Lose To Win, a Health Promotion Board initiative.

He hopes to help even more people to slim down through his training programmes.

Mr Lim, who is 1.82m tall and weighs 80kg, said: "How I motivate people is by making them use their own body weight as resistance. When they struggle, I tell them to lose the excess weight since they can't even carry their own weight.

"My biggest achievement is helping a client lose 30kg in five months."

If he wins Manhunt this year, he will be the third Jason to bag the coveted title - Mr Jason Chee and Mr Jason Tan won Manhunt Singapore in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

"I think that third time's the charm," he joked.