He used to get bullied by bengs


He was the bespectacled, fat nerd who got bullied when he was young.

Tan once had his head pushed into a toilet bowl by school bullies.

But the 25-year-old Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) undergraduate is having the last laugh now.

At 1.8m tall and weighing 80kg, he can approach women for their phone numbers without batting an eyelid.

It was only two years ago, when he weighed 98kg, that he started exercising and practised the low-carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet.

Said Mr Tan: "I remember how in school, ah bengs liked to pick on me, girls used to shun me.

"I was always alone. I would eat and play computer games, till I ended up looking like I was three months pregnant.

"Now I have so much more confidence and I feel like I have gained the respect of people who knew me from before and have seen my transformation."