Her former beau escapes prosecution after drug bust


Before dating Mr Elroy Cheo, Elva Hsiao had a high-profile romance with 23-year-old Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (above) .

The relationship was exposed after the couple were caught on a movie date in January 2012.

It gained a lot of attention due to their 12-year age gap and their A-lister status in the entertainment industry.

The pair had never officially admitted to their relationship, but had been photographed while out on several dates in the past.

But they called it quits in May after dating for two years.

Even though they reportedly had a less-than-amicable break-up, Hsiao showed her support for Ko when the latter was arrested in a drug bust with fellow actor Jaycee Chan in Beijing on Aug 14.

Both tested positive for marijuana and confessed to taking it.

Later, the police found more than 100g of marijuana in Chan's residence and seized it.

It was reported yesterday that Ko had escaped prosecution and would go for voluntary drug addiction treatment at a hospital in Taiwan for the next two years.

Chan has been charged with drug abuse and possession and has been jailed for more than 60 days so far.