How to deal with loss

Bereavement over the loss of loved ones can be devastating and affects everyone differently, says Ms Devanshi Shah, who works with Brightside Counselling. She said: "Talking and sharing your feelings with someone can help. Most people prefer to talk to family members but if that is not possible, then a grief counsellor can provide you time and safe space to talk about the loss even if it has been a long time since the loss."

Here are five ways to overcome grief:

1 Acceptance of the loss by verbalising and expressing feelings connected with the departed loved ones.

2 Understanding the process of grieving by attending a grief support group or meeting someone who has coped with such a loss.

3 Saying goodbye to loved ones by writing a grief letter to them or by doing rituals related to the death.

4 Adjusting your daily routine. Put less energy into grieving and more energy into something new. Be more positive and have optimistic thoughts about the future.

5 Normally, the loss is felt for 18 months. A counsellor's help and family support can help one get over grief more quickly. A general practitioner can recommend a grief counsellor. Typically 12 to 15 sessions are needed.