JESSLYN TAN She mocked man's 'holey' shirt

Oh no, they didn't!

We hate playing the bad guy, but someone has to point out the most cringe-worthy people this year. Critics, take your pick!

We bet Miss Tan has since learnt to hold her tongue on social media.

In March, the Miss Singapore Universe 2013 finalist made fun of a man's hole-ridden shirt which he wore while napping on the MRT train.

The 25-year-old snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook with the caption: "Holey moley. Sibei trendy worzxxz".

It went viral and raised the ire of netizens, forcing her to apologise for being insensitive.

The 55-year-old victim, Mr Koh Hee Huat, was a worker at Ye Shang Hai Teochew Porridge stall in Bukit Merah. He said the incident made him lose face.

We were unable to get in touch with Miss Tan via Miss Singapore Universe organiser Derrol Stepenny Promotions.

But we are pretty sure she has since grown up. A quick check on her public Facebook profile for similar posts which shame others yielded no dirt. She now sticks to sharing reflective personal thoughts and quotable quotes.