All about Archie

Who is Archie?

Archie Andrews is one of the longest lasting comic book characters. (At 73, he is just two years younger than Batman.)

There are many Archie titles, including a zombie comic called Afterlife with Archie. More than 2 billion Archie comics have been sold to date.

He's pretty big...

Amazing, given that the character is not extraordinary. Created in 1941 by Vic Bloom and Bob Montana, Archie was a nice American teen who got into fairly innocent scrapes.

The only real trouble he seemed to have was that his car would break down, he'd get into awkward situations with best pal Jughead Jones (notable for always wearing a party crown); or that he had to choose between his two love interests, blonde Betty Cooper and raven-haired Veronica Lodge - but all in a very chaste, wholesome way.

He's world-famous?

Sort of. Even if you didn't know the character, you would have heard his song.

He graduated to TV in 1968 and like all cartoons at the time, had a band - The Archies. The series spawned a genuine worldwide hit with Sugar, Sugar in 1969.

Why is he famous now?

Two reasons: He's dead and barred.

Last week, Archie Comics revealed that Archie would be shot dead protecting his gay best friend.

Shortly after, it was revealed that Media Development Authority (MDA) had taken the book Archie: The Married Life Book Three off the shelves.

It had made the decision back in March to take the book, published last year, after receiving a complaint and found it to have breached the guidelines with "its depiction of the same-sex marriage of two characters".

The book, about Archie's post-high school life, depicts the marriage of Kevin Keller, the first openly-gay character in the series.