Born with competitive spirit


Her desire to represent Singapore in the Miss Universe pageant is no surprise considering who her father is.

Liana's dad is Mr Azman Abdullah, a renowned bodybuilder who became Singapore's first-ever International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness's Mr Universe in 1993.

Mr Abdullah made history as the first Singaporean to strike gold in the World Games Bodybuilding Championships that year, making him a local sports icon.

Liana was born that same year and her father decided to take a break from bodybuilding to focus on fatherhood.

When she was eight, Liana's parents were divorced. She has been living with her mother, a masseuse, in a one-room flat in Bedok.

The 21-year-old model said that she does not see her father often as he has another family.


But if her father's competitive spirit is anything to go by, Liana will be one to watch at this year's pageant.

Said Liana, whose father is Malay and whose mother is Chinese: "I haven't told my dad that I'm in Miss Universe. I don't even have his contact number.

"In the last five years, I've seen him only twice at family functions. And he lives in Singapore.

"I miss having him around and hope he will see this and come to the Miss Universe events."

Liana said that her mother has not remarried because she is still hurting from the divorce.

For now, she is putting her heart and soul into supporting her daughter's every endeavour.

Said Liana: "My mum is an extremely strong woman. I think I got my physique and smile from my dad.

"The rest of my looks, I got from my mum. She's into healthy eating and she's gorgeous."