Heritage taught her tolerance


The baby of the competition is also one of the few here who celebrates Hari Raya, Deepavali and Chinese New Year.

That is because her music professor father is a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian and her music director mother is French.

The 20-year-old music teacher said she has enjoyed celebrating all the public holidays since she was a little girl.

She owns a sari and sarong kebaya and is looking forward to buying her first cheongsam.


Haymisha, who has a younger sister, said: "My parents had agreed before I was born that their children would know their Chinese, Malay, Indian and French roots equally.

"So it has been great experiencing all the different cultures.

"I fast now and then, receive hongbao during Chinese New Year and visit relatives on all the different occasions.

"I grew up in a home where cultures were constantly fusing and that inspired me to value tolerance."

Haymisha, who lives with her family in a terrace house at Cashew Crescent, plays the cello, guitar, piano and drums.

She also loves to paint and has held exhibitions, for example, at Chijmes. She held a solo art exhibition this month to raise money for charity.

She said: "I have extremely strong family values. As part of an Arabic band known as Arabizca, I perform the blues with my father and sister often at Clarke Quay."