My fav christmas makan is... Local foodies say...

Maureen Ow, behind food blog Miss Tam Chiak:

"The best Christmas experience is always The Line (at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore). I've celebrated Christmas there many times. The variety of food is always extensive, and there is Christmas carolling."

Jasper Aston Lim, blogger with local food blog Six & Seven:

"I've sampled way too many turkeys that are dry and bland, so I am very impressed with Goodwood Park Hotel's succulent and tender creation. The chefs have managed to lock in both flavour and moisture in their Steam Baked Turkey."

Melissa Koh, behind food blog Melicacy:

"My favourite Christmas food to eat is always Mandarin Orchard's ham. It is something my family and I always look forward to every year."

Derrick Tan, behind food blog SG Food on Foot:

"To me, the best Christmas food item is from the Fullerton Hotel. The Oriental Turkey - inspired by beggar's chicken - was so moist and tender that it tasted almost like chicken."

Shen Tan, culinary director at Gastrogig:

"My best experience was a Christmas barbecue in Sydney, Australia. It was by the beach with cold beer, hot meats and great friends."

Chef Anthony Yeoh, from Cocotte:

"My favourite Christmas dish is the Devil's Curry made by our sous chef Chris Martin. He makes this only once a year!"

Amanda Tan, owner of online retailer

"The most memorable Christmas was at my friend's place, where we all made a roast chicken and some roasted vegetables together. I also brought salmon, akagai and ika sashimi. We even had a grilled lobster each!"

Loh Lik Peng, hotelier and restaurateur:

"My mum cooks a massive Christmas lunch for the whole family and it's a lot bigger now with our children. The laughter, the warmth, the sharing of food... that's an experience."