Pressure always on to look good

Blogger Tammy Tay now Blogger Tammy Tay then

With more than two months to go before she pops, she already has a slimming plan and fitness regimen in place.

"I am planning to breastfeed because everyone says it's the most effective way to lose weight," says full-time blogger at Ohsofickle, Ms Tammy Tay, 23.

"I will start going for my 8km to 10km jogs three to four times a week once my body allows me to."

Ms Tay has also received sponsorships from companies to help her achieve her target post-baby weight.

She declines to reveal the total amount of sponsorship, but lets on that she is considering the exercise regimen from fitness and spa service provider Amore Fitness, treatment from medical aesthetic centre Trinity Medical Centre and post-natal massage from Revive Wellness.

Local actress Fann Wong, who is also expecting a baby in a couple of weeks, has slimming centre Marie France Bodyline to help her return to her svelte self after giving birth.

So why do mums feel such pressure to slim down?

It has been hard to watch her weight go up, says Ms Tay.

She says: "I've always not exceeded a certain weight, so to see it go up is difficult. I've always kept myself fit too."

She has put on 15kg so far and she is 31 weeks into her pregnancy.

She adds that the pressure is on to look good, even when she is expecting and also after giving birth.

"My job as a blogger means I'm watched by a lot of people," says Ms Tay. "That's why I feel the pressure to look good.

"There's a certain standard to maintain. Xiaxue and several mummy bloggers look good even when they give birth or during their pregnancy. So I'm under pressure."

She also intends to start wearing clothes from her own clothing label as soon as she can, as she needs to look good for her fashion advertorials.

Ms Tay is giving herself three months to lose all her excess weight.

She says: "I have read stories about people getting their figures back in three months, so I do hope that can happen.

"For me, I just want it fast because the faster you do it, the faster you see results. You feel happier."

She hopes to spend an hour on alternate days for the treatments from the second month onwards, to get back to her target weight of 55kg.

"I don't want to be greedy. I hope the last 3kg will go away as time passes."

But she is not spared from having the jitters of a first-time mother.

She says: "I can say this now because I've not given birth yet. Maybe I can't handle the stress or even leave the house for one hour. I hope I don't end up feeling the stress and eating more."