Local bloggers say they get such treatment too

Local bloggers say they get such treatment too

We checked with local bloggers on whether they have had similar experiences.

Blogger Ang Chiew Ting, 27,

Popularly known as QiuQiu


She says she has had her fair share of people stalking her on social media.

Ms Ang says that there have been people who closely follow everything she updates.

"Some will leave rude and demeaning comments on my blog or Instagram but I always delete/block them (afterwards)," she says.

Ms Ang shares that she had a "persistent stalker" on her blog more than two years ago, when she was planning for her wedding.

"He/she kept leaving me comments about very personal details of my relationship with my then boyfriend (now husband). This person knew so many details that I felt quite creeped out, like he or she might know me, or know a personal friend of mine," says Ms Ang.

The incident made her feel vulnerable and scared.

She also says that there are people who have known her from long ago, such as primary school, secondary school or polytechnic, who have come online to share about how she was back then.

"I feel these people truly have no sense of privacy for others. It makes you feel that your whole life could be more exposed to the public than you think it already is," she says.

What has Ms Ang done to protect herself online?

"I have stopped sharing so much of my personal life online and I keep my personal circle of friends really close and small.

"I feel even though I'm someone who makes my living online, I have the right to filter what I want to show people and what I don't. If I do it right, there wouldn't be cases of creepy followers anymore. Even if there are, I will block them all," she says.

Blogger Wendy Cheng, 30,

Popularly known as Xiaxue


She says that there have been times where people have followed her dress styles online.

The mother of one says that they've only copied her once or twice, and that these people were not persistent.

She shares that she received a threat a few months ago from an anonymous person on Instagram.

"The person said that he'd kill my son. He said it many times in the same day," she says, adding that she blocked him after that.

Ms Cheng also says that she had been harassed on the phone via SMS.

"There was this guy who found my phone number and called me a b****. The person also said some incoherent things," she says.

She has received "prank calls" and says they were just a result of "over-zealous readers who overstepped their boundaries and come into (her) real life".

Ms Cheng adds that because she lives next to a secondary school, there was once where students waited for her at the foot of her block.

"I live on the second storey and they yelled at me from the first storey," she says.