Would you pay $62,000 for a planner or $123 for an idea?

Proposal planning companies are not only gaining speed in Singapore.

New York-based Sarah Pease, who runs Brilliant Event Planning, reportedly handles budgets up to US$50,000 (S$62,300) for a proposal.

In one of the proposals she planned, a 100-man marching band was hired, parting at the right moment so the groom would emerge to pop the question.

Companies such as The Heart Bandits sell proposal ideas with prices starting from US$99 for two ideas, based on a questionnaire filled up by the groom.

The trend is being helped by celebrity grooms who orchestrate larger-than-life proposals.

In 2005, singer Seal arranged for a helicopter to fly girlfriend Heidi Klum to the top of a 4,267m-tall glacier, where he had arranged for an igloo to be built.

Besides candles and champagne, the igloo had a bed covered with rose petals.

Seal then asked for her hand in marriage with a 10-carat diamond ring.

But proving that the proposal is not everything, the couple split in 2012.