'A match made in heaven'

Taufik is very sweet as a boyfriend. He once specially baked Sheena a birthday cake. As for Sheena, she is a cool cat who is supportive of what he does despite his legions of female fans.

- Malay radio DJ Fiza O

They are a match made in heaven because what one lacks, the other makes up for it. Sheena is thoughtful and encouraging... she comes up with creative ways for him to engage with his fans. Her gifts for him are always well thought out.

- Bridesmaid and close friend Ilyana Othman, 35

Sheena is humble, loving and courteous. She is thoughtful and remembers to buy food for me. May they have a blissful marriage, till death do they part.

- The groom's mother, Madam Normainah Bachok, 61

He's a polite and nice boy, he has no airs. I'm happy for them.

- The bride's mother, Madam Hamidah Mustaffa, 57