Like aunt, like niece. Meet this Vergara babe...not Sofia, this time it's Claudia Vergara.

Meet Sofia Vergara's hot, talented niece

We first found out about her after she posted a photo on her Instagram account, featuring sexy stud Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara, from the Modern Family star's 42nd birthday last week.

And she really did look like the younger version of the Colombian sexbomb.

As it turns out, the look-alike in the photo is Sofia's niece, Claudia Vergara.

After trawling through her photo-filled account because we were too intrigued by the resemblance, we found that this talented young woman, like her aunt, is quite the babe.

It sure seems like she and her aunt have a very close relationship too. 

Like Sofia, who has natural blonde hair but dyes it because it "tones her down", Claudia seems to have coloured her hair, too.

We don't know much about Claudia, but according to her social media account, she is the co-founder and designer at Violetta Rose, an online store that focuses on "chic and cozy knitwear".

She even got her famous aunt to help with the promo. 

Although this doesn't make the cut to join the list of big surprises, Claudia backed Colombia (Sofia is Colombian, so we're guessing Claudia is too) during the World Cup 2014. 

Check out some of Claudia's stylish snapshots...

So what do you think of Claudia Vergara? 

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