Who would ever think that Pang Ho Cheung could turn in such a mature, reflective piece of work?

The Hong Kong director, famed for his crass, lowbrow comedies such as Vulgaria (2012) and S.D.U: Sex Duties Unit (2013), hits all the right notes in his first serious movie outing.

Featuring a star-studded ensemble cast, the story of Aberdeen revolves around The Chengs, a middle-class family with seemingly estranged ties.

Each character has his or her emotional dilemma. Eldest daughter Ching (Miriam Yeung) is haunted by memories of her late mother. Her doctor husband (Eric Tsang) is having an extramarital affair with a bosomy nurse.

Ching's brother To (Louis Koo) disapproves of their dad's relationship with a nightclub hostess, and To's ageing model wife (Gigi Leung) contemplates sleeping her way up to beat the competition from younger stars.

I'd definitely revisit this film to catch the nuances I may have missed the first time round.

- Tan Kee Yun