Alba reprises stripper role

If there are two labels that can be applied to Jessica Alba, they are "sexy" and "hot". She has been constantly described as such since she broke out in TV series Dark Angel.

And 14 years, a husband and two kids later, she is still smokin' hot.

Alba, 33, cranks up the heat in Sin City: A Dame To Die For, reprising stripper Nancy Callahan.

We look at the best of the Californian actress who also happens to be the head of a multi-million-dollar brand called Honest Company.

Dark Angel (2000-2002)

James Cameron handpicked Alba to star in his greatly hyped TV series where she played Max Guevara, a genetically modified supersoldier.

Men hailed Cameron a genius for putting Alba in skintight catsuits and getting her to straddle a motorbike each week.

The series limped to a second season before cancellation. But Alba went from a former child actress to lad mag regular almost instantly. In 2001, she even topped the coveted Maxim Hot 100 list.

Honey (2003)

Alba played the titular dancer who struggles to be a bona fide music videographer.

Let's be honest. This dance flick sucks.

But Alba popping and locking in tiny crop tops was enough to give her the big-screen break that she desired.

Sin City (2005)

Despite her "no nudity" policy, it's fair to say that Alba was extremely influential in helping Sin City become a global hit. As Nancy, the exotic dancer with a heart of gold, she showed that few can cut a sexier image in cowboy boots.

Into The Blue (2005)

A great example of creating an official excuse to get Alba into a teeny-weeny bikini. What else could it be? Paul Walker's buff bod? Eye candy is totally redefined, and the early underwater scenes are what gifs were made for.

The Killer Inside Me (2010)

Not an easy flick to stomach as it's very brutal in places, especially Alba's scenes. Her role as a prostitute into sadomasochism is a powerful reply to the critics about her acting ability.

- Joanne Soh