Keanu Reeves may have had a rough run in cinemas over the past decade, but he's been a hit on the Internet. Here are some of our favourite cyber-Keanu memes and viral vids.


Back in 2010, a paparazzo snapped a photo of Reeves sitting on a park bench eating a sandwich and looking contemplative.

The photo ended up going viral when a cheeky Internet user added a caption to the picture reading, ""I really enjoy acting…Because when I act, I'm no longer me".

Other users started adding their own captions, and photoshopping Reeves into all sorts of improbable scenarios .


This meme uses a very old screencap of Reeves in the film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, in which he wears a combined expression of shock, confusion and amazement.

The first caption added to the picture was, "What if we CAN breathe in space, and they just don't want us to escape".

Food for thought!

The fun continued with countless conspiracy theories shocking, confusing and amazing poor Reeves.


As big a star as he is, Keanu still likes to use public transport.

While on a subway in New York, a fellow passenger took a video of Reeves sitting there minding his own business.

Then something beautiful happened. A woman laden with bags got on the train, and then Keanu - oblivious to the camera - offered her his seat.

It was a display of gallantry rarely seen in these vulgar times, and the video justifiably went viral.