Get ready for more from this heart-throb

RISING STAR: Actor Theo James at the premiere of "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" in New York on March 16. PHOTO: AFP

The remarkably handsome Brit actor Theo James is back, once again, to steal the hearts of girls in The Divergent Series: Insurgent.

He's settled nicely into Tobias "Four" Eaton's shoes and is excited for audiences to get to know his character a bit deeper than what 2014's Divergent allowed, especially with a larger budget and fleshier backstory.

"In the first movie, he's cool and aloof and you discover him slowly and figure out where he stands by the end of the film," he said in a separate interview with M.

"In this film, you really figure out who he is and the relationship is much clearer with him and Tris. And then you get to consummate it with a hardcore sex scene, which they cut half off and is annoying," he said, laughing.

Even though Divergent was a huge success and helped place him on the Hollywood radar, life hasn't changed that much for the 30-year-old.

"It's funny, I didn't feel like anything happened instantly. I think for some people it happens differently. It wasn't like one day I went into a bar and someone said, 'who the **** are you, loser? Get out' and then the second day I was getting free shots and high fives. It's been a relatively slow process. And because I'm living in London, I can work and go home and switch off a bit."


With no temptation to move to Hollywood (except for the sunnier weather, he joked), James said he has the best of both worlds working in Hollywood and living in the UK, where he's surrounded with friends for support.

Come May, James and the rest of his The Divergent Series co-stars will return to work on the third instalment, Allegiant.

But because of his busy schedule, he's limited in the kind of roles he chooses.

"I look for something small every time now; more indie movies because you get a brief period between (The Divergent Series) and you can do a couple of small movies. In a way, I'm kind of hoping that I'm satisfying that larger-scale, fun, epic, spectacle-type movie (side of me) and then on the other hand, I get to go back to mucking it out and working with writers and directors on a smaller scale."

Later this year, James will be seen in two upcoming films - the mystery thriller London Fields, alongside Johnny Depp and Billy Bob Thornton; and the indie Franny, with Richard Gere and Dakota Fanning.

He has also just finished the drama The Secret Scripture, where he plays an Irish priest alongside Rooney Mara.

With more movies on the horizon, James' fame and heart-throb status will only heighten, and it is something which he is still dealing with as a rising actor.

"It's not like it's something you're directly exposed to in all honesty. You go to a premiere and go through those motions, but it never feels real in that way. It's sometimes a bit overwhelming, but it's part of your job."

- Kristie Bertucci