'I love doing comedy'


Get Hard? Get me in!

As someone normally drawn to comedic roles, the icing on the cake for US actress Alison Brie (above) was holding her own alongside famous co-stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

In the film, she plays rich girl Alissa, James King's (Ferrell) fiancee who dumps him after he is sentenced to prison for fraud.

"As soon as I knew both of them were attached to the script, I immediately knew it was going to be super funny and I wanted to be a part of it," the 32-year-old told M in a se-parate interview.

But landing the role required her to showcase her sex appeal - the opening scene features her in revealing lingerie, straddling Ferrell.

"Of course, the audition scene was the lingerie one from the movie so there was a lot of chair straddling involved," said Brie.

This is her second film with Ferrell, after last year's animated hit The Lego Movie, where she voiced Unikitty.

But the two never met until the movie's premiere.

Brie, who attended the California Institute of the Arts where she received a bachelor of fine arts degree in acting, is perhaps best known for her small-screen roles like the adorable but tightly wound Annie Edison on the hit comedy series Community and Trudy Campbell on period drama Mad Men.

So far, the funnygirl - who will take the lead opposite Jason Sudeikis in romantic comedy Sleeping With Other People - has been veering towards the comedy genre, with the exception of Mad Men.

"I love doing comedy, and obviously it's not something I planned on doing, but it's fun to do.

"I had so much fun working on Mad Men all those years and would really love to do more drama.

"But I also really love action. So an action/adventure/sci-fi movie would really turn me on."

But her dream role would be co-starring with comediennes such as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

"There's been such (attention) on women in Hollywood... And I think that's a good thing because the more people are talking about women and the disparity of roles between men and women, the more awareness it creates."

In the meantime, Brie is doing her share to empower more women as producer for a new series for cable TV channel TV Land. It is based on the web series Teachers by all-girl improv group The Katydids.

It follows six dedicated school teachers who do not have it together in their personal lives.

The show is in production for its first season, with Brie making a guest appearance in the pilot.