This Chinese New Year flick started out with the best of intentions - a homage to Stephen Chow, Hong Kong's king of "mo lei tau" (Cantonese for nonsensical) comedy.

Sure enough, 30 minutes into the movie, there are plenty of scenes parodying his classic works Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle and From Beijing With Love.

Lucky Star 2015 follows the misadventures of a longtime Chow fanatic (Guangzhou-born real-life Chow imitator Wen Chao), who yearns to meet his idol to fulfil his late mum's wish. He gets entangled with talent agent (Wong Cho Lam), a short dude who's insecure about his romantic relationship with a gorgeous buxom actress (Dada Chen).

Sadly, the movie ends up flat on its face with humourless jokes and irritating supporting characters (the Lollipop F boy band members are the worst).

- Tan Kee Yun