Strangely moving but enjoyable show

You have to respect Lorde. It can't be easy to dance the way she does to her songs.

For 90 minutes, with barely a break for stage banter, she flailed her arms wildly, violently head-banged, jerked in all directions and looked like she was being subjected to barbaric mime about breaking free in the name of artistic expression. It didn't look easy. It looked painful.

All this, while dishing out song after song like Royals, Tennis Court and Still Sane from her 2013 debut Pure Heroine - fully on pitch.

She might have looked freaky pulling strange moves in her all-black outfit, but this was no robotically rehearsed routine - just sincere, energetic and different.

A Lorde show is free of extravagance. Her one concession to outlandish stage costumes was a gold robe she wore to sing Team.

Before she launched into Ribs, she addressed the crowd with a slightly confusing speech: "I threw a house party and it made me realise how it felt to be grown-up. Getting to sing a song about it every night brings me to that moment when I'm 15 and I'm terrified of being an adult. But it's not so bad now that I have you, growing up with me, writing letters with words I would write in my diary, like you read my mind."

The crowd seemed to know what she meant. That moment encapsulated the show overall - strangely moving, but enjoyable at the same time.

- Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman