The Ultimate Star winners

The Ultimate Star finals held at *Scape on Sunday saw three champions crowned in the Vocal Solo, Vocal Group and Dance categories.

The winners of the local singing competition organised by P.A.T.H. (Professional Artiste Training Headquarters) Acme Academy in its inaugural year told M what gave them the edge over their rivals.

Four acts competed in each category and the winners won a cash prize of between $1,000 and $1,200 each.



The six members of this talented a capella group, aged between 20 and 23, brought the house down with their mash-up of Counting Stars (One Republic) and Starship (Nicki Minaj). The arrangement was by SMU Voix, Singapore Management University's a capella group.

Member Amanda Sng, 20, said that they were all SMU students who were out to offer something different at the finals.

She added: "It's rare to have an a capella group in a mainstream competition.

"We realised the importance of showmanship and that's why we won."



These five hip-hop extraordinaires from North Vista Secondary School, aged 16 to 19, beat the competition with their slick, fancy moves.

Said member Fergus Koh, 16: "We feel happy and grateful to have won as we worked hard for it.

"We were training for three hours a day at night and we kept recording our sessions so that we could learn from our mistakes.

"That really paid off."



This 24-year-old piano teacher has been singing since he was 17.

Nghas joined 10 singing competitions previously and finally took home first prize last Sunday.

The power-singer said: "This is a milestone, a new achievement for me.

"I don't really dream of being a celebrity because there are a lot of things you have to do, like pander to what the music market requires of you.

"I'm not prepared for that, I'm more of a free-style person."