ECO-FRIENDLY: Christopher Lee and Fann Wong are the new ambassadors for upcoming Johor eco-development project Sungai Pulai Wellness Resort. - TNP PHOTO: SHAHRIYA YAHAYA

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee have a new gig - as the ambassadors of upcoming eco-development project Sungai Pulai Wellness Resort, in Johor's Iskandar development.

The 3ha property on the edge of the Sungai Pulai Wetlands, which includes apartments, bungalows and a hotel, emphasises a holistic concept and has a world-class medical concierge service, as well as a 24-hour nurse and ambulance standby service.

The units are set to go on sale next month.

The resort also includes an eco-park, where residents can participate in activities such as bird-watching and organic farming.

The first phase of the development, Canopus Residence, as well as the hotel and the wellness clubhouse, is expected to be completed in 2018.

Wong and Lee said they took up this project as they felt the idea of a "self-sustaining and all-encompassing resort" sits well with their values.

They declined to reveal how much they were paid for lending their names to the endorsement, adding that they were not given a unit there for free.

Wong said: "Since giving birth to Zed, we have put even more thought into the environment and community that would be good for Chris and I to raise not only our young family but our parents too."