'Our relationship rocky since 2013'

HAPPIER TIMES: Ms Jamie Yeo with Mr Thorsten Nolte at an event in 2009. TNP FILE PHOTO

When asked if he had cheated on Jamie Yeo, Mr Thorsten Nolte ´╗┐strongly denied it.

Their separation, which was revealed in February, puts an end to their four-year marriage. The pair are in the midst of divorce proceedings.

Mr Nolte, CEO of a digital marketing agency, said their relationship had been rocky since 2013.

"It has been a long, painful break-up since then. I moved out in April last year," he said.

According to him, he spent the next few months on himself to "deal with and get over it".

"Jamie mentioned underlying problems in our relationship but we're not necessarily compatible when it comes to a lot of things," said Mr Nolte.

Following the split, the 40-year-old said he was apprehensive about dating for a long time. But he met Tenashar at "the right time" when he was ready.

"I immediately liked her. She is bubbly, easygoing, a lot of fun, smart and great at what she does. She is successful and I look out for that in people. She is an amazing girl," he said, adding that she complements him and they share plenty of fun, laughter and good banter together.

When contacted, Yeo declined to comment on Mr Nolte's relationship with Tenashar.