'People need to realise she's not Joan'

As the stars' harshest critics, it is only fair that the Fashion Police hosts also find themselves on the receiving end of equally scathing comments when it comes to their own sense of style.

How do they react to it?

Fashion Police's latest addition Kathy Griffin (above), for one, takes it with a dash of humour.

Griffin, 54, who replaces the late Joan Rivers on the show, apparently frames laminated photos of her in red carpet outfits that made it to worst-dressed lists around her house.

This is according to Rancic, who graciously accepts it when she is at the bottom.

"We are judged harsher...we get no break and we don't want a break," she said.

"In order to be a true fashionista, you have to be on best-dressed lists, but you have to be on worst-dressed lists as well because you have to take a little risk to win something once in a while.

"You can't critique other people's outfits and be crying in the corner because someone said they don't like what you're wearing."

"I do cry in the corner sometimes, though," joked Brad Goreski, 37, who rose to fame as celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe's assistant on her reality TV show The Rachel Zoe Project.

But the remaining hosts urged viewers not to compare Griffin and Rivers, who died at age 81 last September.

Osbourne said: "It's so brave of Kathy to come on the show and do this. People need to realise she's not Joan, so don't judge it as if you're watching Joan... It's on us to make the show as best as it can be to continue Joan's legacy."

Rancic added: "(Kathy) doesn't pretend to be Joan, either... She's talented and funny and bringing her own touch to the show."