STEPHANIE KOH From singing to spitfire

Acid-tongued aspiring singer Stephanie Koh made headlines for all the wrong reasons this year.

The 22-year-old first attracted negative attention for shooting her mouth off and threatening a manager on reality TV series K-pop Star Hunt 3 in January.

In the end, she made it to the top four, but did not win the competition.

She also irked Singaporeans by making a video stating the reasons why she is not proud to be a Singaporean.

In the viral video, she said that Singaporeans were narrow-minded, uncreative and unhappy, among other things.

Then she attracted more attention by getting into a brawl with her aunt over a bedroom in a four-room HDB flat that Koh's aunt and grandmother stay in.

Despite the controversy, her polarising personality has gained her a fair share of supporters, some of whom agree with her views online.

Koh could not be reached for comment.