Tears backstage at Miss Universe

Tears flowed backstage after the results of the Miss Universe finals were announced last month.

About four or five girls cried in the changing room, revealed Miss Rathi Menon, without naming the countries.

"Maybe they felt that they had let their country down," she said. "They are fearful of what people may say because the countries have high expectations of these girls.

"I did my part, I consoled them and told them that it is really not about getting placed but it's about coming here and enjoying the journey and giving your best."

The Singapore representative felt she had done her best.

She said: "Singapore has been really supportive. I was so surprised and blessed to have you guys supporting me very well this year. I've received a lot of messages from my friends and even on Facebook, congratulating me and saying that it's not about winning the title but doing your best. They felt that I did and I'm glad because eventually, I did give my best."

Recalling her moment on stage, she said she had not felt nervous at all.

"I felt really excited on stage because it was been a moment I'd been waiting for - to be on that international stage.

"The atmosphere was so positive and energetic, the crowd was cheering for all of us, everyone was clapping. I was really enjoying the moment."