Waiver of cover charge for TNP readers

Good news for The New Paper readers who are big fans of Kumar.

For the month of November, Hard Rock Cafe at Cuscaden Road will be waiving the cover charge of $20 on Monday nights for TNP readers. All you have to do is bring along a copy of the newspaper and you and a guest will be able to enter the cafe for free.

On Monday nights, Kumar, a regular fixture at Hard Rock Cafe for the past 15 years, performs two sets, from 10.30pm onwards. Each set lasts half an hour to 45 minutes.

"Kumar pointed out that most of his fans are TNP readers and they have been supporting him over the years," said Hard Rock Cafe Singapore spokesman Natalie Wee.

"So as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations in 2015, we have decided to do this promotion with TNP."

When quizzed about Kumar's biggest appeal, Ms Wee said: "His performance at Hard Rock Cafe is not just a stand-up show but a combination of wicked humour, side-splitting laughs and music by a live band or DJ. We are the only place that's packed on a Monday night.

"Kumar will continue to perform here for as long as he wants."