Wesley Wong: I'm not afraid of the training

It is his first movie after graduating with a master's degree from the Beijing Film Academy recently.

And fresh-faced Hong Kong actor Wesley Wong, 27, will take on the challenge of portraying a gangster trainee in local director Jack Neo's film Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen.

The son of famous Hong Kong stars Melvin Wong and Angie Chiuis excited to be working with Neo.

The good-looker said: "I have watched Jack Neo's old movies such as I Not Stupid and Ah Boys To Men in the past, and I enjoyed them.

"I have only been training for a week so far as I just came here, but everyone has been treating me very well. I feel very welcomed into the family."

Wong, who is an avid sports lover, plays basketball and badminton regularly and is not afraid of the tough training ahead despite hearing about the obstacles from the other actors.

He said: "I have been working out and watching my diet all along, so it should be okay.

"I am not too stressed as I am sure Jack Neo will guide me well."

Before this, Wong had bit parts in Chinese movie Sorry, I Love You and Hong Kong film Happily Ever After.

On the complicated entertainment industry in Hong Kong and the region, Wong said he had been offered cigarettes and other vices before.


But, as his father had warned him about such temptations since he was young, Wong was able to make the right decision and reject them.

He said: "I wouldn't touch (such) stuff. I studied in the US and it was not such a big issue overseas, so there were a lot of temptations. But I just said no to them."