When stars get starstruck


Last month, she ran after Hollywood star George Clooney at a promotional event for luxury watchmaker Omega in Shanghai.

Both are ambassadors for the brand.

There was a funny story behind their meeting, Lim said. Clooney was trying to make a quick exit because he was swarmed by fans asking for pictures.

She added: "The public relations girl said, 'Yvonne, run! We have to chase after him!'

"It was funny because it was quite dramatic... my gown got caught in my heels, my heels were falling off.

"We managed to stop him and the first words out of my mouth were 'I had to chase after you'," Lim said.

In 2010, Lim was similarly starstruck by Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

Lim, who met the Omega ambassador in Beijing, said: "She looks as though she just stepped out of the movie screen.

"She's so tall and her skin is so radiant. She's also very friendly. When we were introduced by the Omega reps, she said, 'Hey sister'."

FOREIGN STARS: Rachel Kum with celebrities Johnny Galecki and Jeremy Piven. PHOTOS: OMEGA, INSTAGRAM/RACHEL KUM, INSTAGRAM/JADE SEAH


This local personality has probably met the most foreign stars, if her Instagram account is anything to go by.

Kum has partied with the likes of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, US rapper Flo Rida and US actors such as Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki and Entourage's Jeremy Piven.

Her captions run the gamut of "Another epic night with Steven Tyler... Party like a rock star" and "Even Flo Rida was impressed by the local food!"


Last week, she posted a snap on Instagram that garnered close to 1,500 likes.

Seah had taken a picture with Australian actor Hugh Jackman five years ago in Sydney, when she interviewed him for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

She told The New Paper: "That was a total fangirl moment for me. I'm a huge fan of Hugh, but I still didn't expect to be so nervous and giggly in front of him.

"He's gorgeous, super tall and was very buff then as he had just finished filming the movie. I asked him to sign my press nametag."

She added: "Not all stars will let you take pictures, especially those who are in a bad mood. Hugh was so nice and chill."