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Compliments to KTPH Radiology Department

Submitted by tnpreader on February 26, 2013 - 7:50pm

My name is Rennis Roy D’Cecil and I am currently serving as a Recruit in the Singapore Armed Forces in the beginning phase of my Basic Military Training.

On the 13 January 2012, I visited your hospital’s A&E regarding a back pain on the left side. After the treatment by Dr.Kong Cheng Zhong for stones in the kidney, He referred me for a follow up with the urologist. The urologist suggested for an IVU to examine my urinary system due to the unsolved issue of my pain in the left kidney. Before booking an appointment for the IVU he did check if I had any drug allergy and I told him that I am not allergic to any drug.

I visited the Radiology department on the 22nd February 2013 for my appointment to conduct the IVU at 0915hours. I was attended by friendly staff which I regret to remember their names. It was an elderly gentleman who helped me out with the attire and instructions.

After doing some X-rays, I was greeted by Dr.Sharandran whom checked with me of my particulars and if I had any allergies. He was very professional enough to explain to me about the procedures of the IVU and gave me an idea of possible allergic reactions. After the iodine injection which was given by Dr.Sharandran, I was feeling normal and was preparing for my X-ray to be taken.

In about 5 to 10 minutes my body felt itchy with increasing heart beat rate and I was experiencing an asthma attack with tightness on my face. I informed the staff who was taking my X-ray that I needed my inhaler because I was out of breathe. He was quick and informed Dr.Sharandran about my situation.

Dr.Sharandran was very analytical and he ask me question about what I was experiencing, after which he explained to me that I was going through an allergy reaction and I was told by him not to panic. There were other doctors in the radiology room to attend for my allergic reaction. Dr.Sharandran and his team of doctors and staff nurses were swift in their action and they worked very well as a team. All I could remember was a female staff nurse supplying me oxygen and also a gas mask to subside my asthma attack together with the drips needle on my left hand whilst Dr.Sharandran was explaining to me about another drug that he was to inject that would stop the allergic reaction that I was suffering from.

After that short intense moment I felt much better, the heart beat rate dropped to normal, was able to breathe normally and felt no tightness on my face. By that time I felt drowsy which was caused by the drug that helped me with the explanation of Dr.Sharandran. I was transferred to another room for observation and the doctor was with me till my blood pressure was back to normal.

Dr.Sharandran did regular checks on me and inquired me about my next of kin to fetch me. I was very drowsy and I did my best to answer him. He was very patient with me and was kind enough to his own mobile phone to contact my next of kin.

There were three other staffs by the name of Sister wong, Sister Carol and Mr.Yasin who were observing me till my brother came to fetch me out of the hospital. The three of them are such nice people. They were very kind, accommodating and patient despite my restlessness to back to sleep and rest. They attended to my every need such as water, extra blankets, adjusting the bed and assisted me to the gents. They took the liberty to offer me biscuits and hot milo when they learnt I had to be on empty stomach for the IVU. The three of them made my short stay in the hospital comforting. The three of them were attending well to be till I was wheeled chaired out of the hospital.

I did have a follow-up call from one of them to see how I was doing and also instructed me in case of emergency. After the call I did a read up on an article about iodine contrast allergic reaction. And to my surprise, I learnt it was life threatening and It would have been fatal for me.

Charles Darwin quotes that” A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” And with your team of staff, there had showcased professionalism and had taught me the value of life by responding with the best of their abilities.

I chose Khoo Teck Puat Hospital because it was near my housing estate but now I will stick to my choice of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital because of your efficient and skilled staff body.

I would want to thank from the bottom of my heart with great gratitude to Dr.Sharandran and his team together with Sister Wong, Sister Carol and Mr.Yasin . I truly appreciate your efforts, skills and profession.

Thank you.

- Rennis Roy D’Cecil

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