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Interim Rental Housing Scheme

Submitted by marshaismyname on March 14, 2012 - 11:22pm


Hi, im one of the tenant who stays in the Interim Rental Housing Scheme in Blk 46 Bedok South Ave 3..I've been living here since December 2011 while waiting for my 30mth debarrment from hdb to rent a flat..and now im waiting for a letter from HDB to give us a flat to rent on our own..
Well, im just sharing with the public what ive seen, went tru all these while im staying here.. My family of 5 were given a common room to stay with a monthly rent of $315 for the 1st 6mth and subsequently increase by $50-$80 after the 6 mth.. no doubt the rental prices were below market rates but living conditions were far beyond happy.. we are required to share the units with another family members which may consist of 2 people if your lucky or for my case, its 11 people in a you can imagine how crowded the 3 room flat will be.ive seen so many quarrels and fights in this block.some end up injured or attempt to commit suicide due to the stress that we got to endure..the SP services bills were shared among 2 or 3 families.. yes there are even 3 families in a my questions to HDB or MCYS are. 
1) do you think the solutions that you've given us are the best for the families especially when there a childrens? whom might be one of the unlucky ones to get to see 2 families fighting and walloping each other due to some disagreements?
2) will HDB or MCYS start to do something when more dead bodies found in the block? meaning when things get out of hand?
3) do you think is a good environment, a safe and comfortable place for families?
4) is this the way for government to help those in needs? for your info, i think im not the only victims to be in these situations.. when we voice out our concern to the agency (EM services), we were advise to practice tolerancy and consideration..have mutual agreements between 2 or 3 families..have you tried living in these situations of ours?? 
5)i hope government can change these scheme which we think are not working at all.. we do not live in peace, we lived in misery instead.. is it so difficult to give us a flat of our own be it rental or purchase? im just wondering sometimes, i saw many upcoming skyscrapers in town..but to give a proper shelter to us which we can called it a home..hmmm.. still a long way to go..

Hello Marsha,

Due to the nature of my work, I've visited several interim housing flats around Singapore and Blk 46 Bedok South Ave3 is one of them. I'll like to find out more about this housing arrangement from the people who actually stay in one. If you'll be willing, please email me at the following address ( Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!


I am one of the aforementioned who are staying in this IRH conspire in TP Lor 6. We are right now having issues with the co occupants. cant adapt. when we spoke to the specialist, they request that we compose a bid letter to the driver to request exchange of unit. We rather have an unit on out own than imparting to others and have such an extensive amount clashes and mistaken assumption. We don't have a significant serenity, to stay at home on weekends and even nights when they are so uproarious and carry on like they are the main ones who stay in the house. House is so messy, kitchen not cleaned up in the wake of cooking and not washing the can. Does anybody knows the anxiety and issues individuals needing to impart unit to Strangers????

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