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Threatened by Groupon Customer Officer

Submitted by patrick88 on June 15, 2012 - 2:45am

I'm a Singaporean but I was threatened by a Filipino officer at Groupon office . I went to collect a product today and was asked by the officer to show my NRIC. I told him that I did not bring it as I came from my office nearby. After all, I have bought many products before and redeemed from the merchants without any proof of NRIC.. Furthermore, the voucher does not state that we must produce our NRIC to redeem the product. The voucher just stated "This is how it works,Print voucher, Take it with you to the deal offerer. Redeem and enjoy"

Instead this is how he talked to me. He said that he will give me an exception but if I ever appeared again in front of him, he will never ever forget my face and he will make sure that I produce my NRIC the next time. I was stunned for a while and could not believe that this is how a customer officer talk. I was not even bothered if he is a Filipino, I see him as an employee of the company. I cannot believe that in my own country, I'm talked down by a foreigner in this manner. Of course, I did complaint to Groupon and they sent a standard letter of apologies.

However, it makes me wonder that not all Singaporeans give bad customer service because this is the first time I have experienced something so horrible that I begin to realize that our people indeed give better service. I sincerely hope that Groupon will deal with this employee and he needs to be trained immediately on how to handle the customers instead of using threatening words.

I totally agree. I myself have recently had bad experiences with Groupon. I purchased an item recently. But found the same item sold at half e price at a department store nearby. Worse still, I was able to examine a sample piece of the product - it was very different from the picture of the product offered in the ad. When I emailed Groupon Support for a refund or exchange, they refused. Any retail store in Singapore offers refund or exchange if the customer has not used the item and is bought recently. The Groupon Support replies with 'standard' replies and don't bother to help customers further. Also, a delivery refund which was offered to me, was not processed. Earler, when i purchased an item that was supposed to be deliverednto me, i never got it. When i called the Customer Service Hotline, i was given a lot of wrong and inaccurate information., though the store manager at Suntec did help me with a self-collection
After all these bad experiences, I have vowed never to purchase anything from Groupon ever again due to the very poor customer service. I wonder if other Groupon customers faced the same situation.

Me, too. I feel I'm being scammed by Groupon with the kind of merchants they are having. I have purchase a voucher for hair rebonding for S$48 (supposed S$160 value) but then when I come to the merchant shop, before they even wash my hair, they are quoting me S$280 for the rebonding. Of course, I would not go for it, why would I even pay for $280 for the original price of $160. These are all ways of a scammer.  I argued with the merchant attendant and refused to pay, and he also refused to rebond my hair! What a waste of time and totally messed up my day.  The voucher is saying "valid for all hair lengths". The merchant refused to honor this.


When I made a complaint to Groupon, I was shocked by the way their "customer service" is treating their customer, I could imagine more of us consumers are being turned away by Groupon. The "customer service" is telling me to go to merchant again and have a proof (sms or email) that the rebonding was not done. They have wasted my time and energy going there the first time for the rebonding (which did not happen), argued there and they want me to contact them again? Groupon is saying that the voucher is Redeemed! and they could not refund without a proof that service was not rendered. This is only a small amount $48 - would you waste your time again to contact that scamming merchant to beg for an sms that they did not do the job? I don't see them doing it. I could only imagine other customers like me are having the same experience, frustrated and could not do anything, and getting no help from Groupon.. You will go down Groupon.


calling groupon customers out there, if you are unfairly treated, please do not hesitate to lodge a complaint & also write to the press forum column.

We do not condone to such bad customer service.

Yeah, sometimes it happens like that. He or she may have some bad experiences with other people who may be singaporean. So, he may treat like this although you are not the one who give him bad experiences.


Me also foreigner student who is working part timer at 711 stores. Most of customers are polite and gentle. But a few have bad behaviors. For example, they throw money to caisher, they put their things just the front of them, they take money just front of them. (I mean we need to give money them with the fully effort.) At that time, we neglect it although we don't like it.


But I've known that most of people are trying to be gentle and polite. Sometimes, we also feel unhappy because of customers. At that time, we need to be careful not to be angry another customers.


So, if possible, you sympathize or neglect him or her whether he or she may have any stress or pre-anger before you.

I just had a very bad call centre customer service experience last week. I have ordered a mini candy floss maker with a free delivery. I have contacted Groupon for it was my first time to order something with a delivery service and that I like to know how it goes. I have spoken to a CSO named Alonzo and advised him that I do not know how to find the security code for me to check delivery status online and I have provided him with my full name. He was quite abrupt in talking and not gentle at all though he informed me how to find it and was informed that it is still under processing and that it will be delivered on Saturday (March 1, 2014) and the courier will call me first.  But then no delivery or call happened. So on the 4th of March 2014, I decided to call again.. I have spoken now with a girl CSO named Yoko, she informed me that that my order has been returned to them due to no one is at home, then I told her why nobody called me first.. She said there was no phone number on their record, then I told her why your colleague Alonzo didnt asked me about this and he even told me that the courier will call me first. Yoko does not know what to say, she just said she will get 
my contact number and will inform the courier company. The next day I followed up and spoken to CSO Marco which was abrupt as well and I was informed he will follow up and I will receive an sms, which I never received. The next day I called again and spoken to Marco again and he said he will ff up again and I will receive a call instead tom , I asked for the timing and he confirmed it will be after lunch. The next day again, I waited for a call since 1pm and it was around 5:45 pm already but still never receive a call. I called Groupon again.. I have spoken to Alonzo again.. And that he started again to be abrupt, rude and very unhelpful when I told him I have been waiting for a call and that I need help.. But instead of helping.. He "RUDELY" said if you want YOU Call the XDel they are the one handling your shipping.. When I asked him.. You (Groupon) are the one I had transacted with so why would I call another company.. You should help me to escalate this things and help me.. Then he repeatedly shout and rudely tell me to call XDel.. He was sooooo rude and I wonder how he passed to be a customer service. Then I gave up.. Since he keeps on treating me rudely I told him to transfer me to Xdel of which he immed transfer.. I have spoken to Mr Fare of Xdel he was so nice and gentle and he informed me that Groupon did not give them any of my contact no that is why they were not able to call me.. This got me soooo furious bec from the moment I called the Groupon Call Centre they have failed already in just a very simple matter of checking and updating my contact number.. Then I conference the call to Groupon again and spoken to CSO Mike who was actually the worst Customer Service Officer I have ever encountered.. I was at first looking for Alonzo and mentioned to him that I have spoken with him for just few mins ago only.. But he refused and said he will help me .. I told him I dont want to repeat myself again and at the same time I dont want him to be liable for any mistakes that his colleagues had done..but he refused.. Then I asked for a supervisor but he answered.. He is in a meeting.. Then ofcourse since was left with no choice again, I repeated the story to him with Mr Fare on the line as well.. Mr Fare informed them that there was no contact number updated on the record sent to them by Groupon since the moment I called them.. But this Mike refused to admit their mistake and repeatedly shouted at me and saying It was my fault because if I had given and provided my contact number right away this will not happened. I am sure even Mr Fare was surprised with the Very Rude Atitude of this CSO MIKE! All I can say now is that Groupon must take action on this matter! They might not know that the people they pay to help their business is the one RUINING their business. Those CSO's I have encountered should NEVER be in a Customer Service at all! They have failed in all aspects of serving the customers! They do not deserve to earn any cent from Groupon because of their "Very Bad Service". If any one knows the email address of the headquarters of Groupon kindly help me to forward this matter to them.  So that they resolve this matter. 

I also bought an item on 27 of march but now is already 14 days (10 of april)and i when i called them, they juz asked me to wait for another 7 days till my item arrived. when i ask for refund, the guy said he will note and let his colleague know and juz hang up the phone without asking me whether got any other question which i really got, what a bad service

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