Swop the calories for these healthier options

The more processed your food, the more it leaves you wanting more. Here is how you can have your cake and eat it too.


Ditch the salami and opt for pizzas with fresh ingredients.

Go easy on the cheese too, as the crust is already highly processed.

If you are making your own pizza, try using a crust made of cauliflower, a vegetable commonly used in place of carbohydrate staples.


A great deal of butter and sugar go into every disc of buttery goodness you pop into your mouth.

Be a smart cookie and bake your own version so you can control the amount of fat and sugar that go in.


Portion control is key when it comes to ice cream.

Rather than owning a pint at home, head for an ice cream parlour for a scoop if you have to. Or better still, make your own healthier but equally creamy alternative with blended frozen bananas.


Behind a box of cereal's promises of whole grains and fibre is its high sugar content.

Look for a brand that contains no more than 4g of sugar a serving.


The crispy, salty and deep-fried breading is what leaves you wanting more.

Try to have it baked, or peel off the fried bits to quell the craving. - FOO JIE YING