Husband is the chef

Wong Li Lin and Maddy Barber may share a lifelong passion for cooking, but for former actress-host Evelyn Tan, it's "for the sake of survival".

The 40-year-old mother to a girl and three boys - nine-year-old daughter Kristen, seven-year-old Jairus, five-year-old Way and six-month-old Elliott - is fortunate that her husband, local actor Darren Lim, loves to cook and will whip up meals when he is home in their yacht.

"He's a Hainanese man, so he loves being the chef," said Tan, adding that Jairus enjoys watching his parents cook and dreams of being a chef.

"He's always asking what's on the menu."

Tan is letting Kristen learn to use the knife, so "she's been helping out in the kitchen".

The family cooks every day and has learnt to work within the space constraints of their three-room Lagoon 400S2 catamaran.

"But that means cleaning up is easier to do."

Tan prepares meals for her baby, who is starting to wean.

"His food is very easy, just steam and then everything goes into the blender," she said.


Tan fancies herself more a baker.

"Anything chocolate, such as brownies, and chocolate chip cookies with M&Ms".

One thing she adheres to is "healthy eating" and that their daily meals "must be freshly prepared", though Tan said Lim "tends to use more salt in his cooking and that's why Daddy's food always tastes better".

"Thankfully, the kids don't compare our cooking standards much," she added. "They would give a grade and tell us if we've gone up another level."

The family eats out on weekends and on special occasions like Mother's Day.
"We usually try and celebrate with my mum or Darren's mum. It's more to acknowledge our mothers.

"Everything is so costly on that day, be it flowers or food, so we have our meals earlier."