Kris is hurting us by quitting: local fans

Local EXO fans say they feel betrayed and heartbroken by Kris' decision to leave the band.

Lauren Low, 15, a student, told The New Paper: "I'm angry and I'm hurt that Kris would do this, if he's doing it for personal gain.

"If SM Entertainment were really slave drivers, there would be no reason why some of the most successful K-pop groups, like Girls' Generation, are still managed by them.

"I hope Kris changes his mind because he's not only hurting the rest of EXO, he's also hurting his fans who have invested our love and trust in him."

Fellow student Michelle Jo-Thein, 18, said Kris was the only reason she liked EXO.

"I believe that Kris must have been treated unfairly to make such a drastic decision.

"But I still don't want him to leave. I can't imagine him not being part of EXO, and not being part of their future albums.

"My friends and I cried really badly when we heard the news."

Kris' fans, in an outpour of rage and sympathy for their idol online, have also created the Twitter hashtag #SMentWorstCompanyInKorea, which has been trending on the social media website.


One fan's petition for "Kris' freedom" has garnered several thousand signatures while other fans have begged other entertainment agencies to "adopt EXO", for they believe the boys are victims of what has been coined as a "slave contract". Kris is not the first K-pop boy band member to file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

In 2009, Super Junior-M leader Hangeng cited lengthy work hours and lack of timely medical treatment in his allegations against SM Entertainment.

The China native is now a successful solo singer on the mainland.

Kris has reportedly engaged the same lawyer who had successfully helped Hangeng terminate his contract.

I hope Kris changes his mind because...(he's) hurting his fans who have invested our love and trust in him.

- Local EXO fan Lauren Low on Kris leaving EXO.