The winner, by a knockout, is...

Can you imagine Sylvester Stallone getting knocked out by Demi Lovato?

It is not a teaser for Rocky 8, but it is a video worth watching.

Lovato, who took up boxing to keep in shape, recently faced off against the ultimate Hollywood boxing champ for a bout of sparring.

Her skills in the ring are impressive and she took swipes at the Rocky star, who called her his "long lost daughter Roxana".

Stallone, 70, hashtagged the video "Rocky 8" and "upset of the century" as the video ended with Lovato, 24, hitting him in the face and causing him to fall to the ground. "I slipped!" said Stallone.





Beyonce goes country at CMA Awards

The power of Queen Bey has spread to Nashville.

Beyonce took to the stage at the 2016 CMA Awards yesterday and gave a surprise performance of her country-inspired track Daddy Lessons from her Lemonade album alongside country music veterans Dixie Chicks.

As expected, the pop diva delighted the crowd with her high-energy performance.

Spotted in the audience dancing himself silly to the catchy tune was Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey, who was there to present an award.

Kunis hits out at sexism in Hollywood


Mila Kunis launched an attack on sexism in Hollywood in an open letter that was published on A Plus, a media site co-founded by her husband Ashton Kutcher.

The actress, 33, described an incident where a film producer threatened to end her career after she refused to pose half-naked for a men's magazine.

Kunis said she was "livid" and felt "objectified" by that experience.

She said it took years for her to finally realise that what she was experiencing was gender discrimination.

"Throughout my career, there have been moments when I have been insulted, sidelined, paid less, creatively ignored and otherwise diminished based on my gender," she wrote.

"I'm done compromising; even more so I'm done with being compromised.''

Swift replaces Perry as top earner


Will this cause more bad blood between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry?

Swift topped Forbes' list of 2016's Highest Paid Women in Music, replacing her chief rival in the ranking.

According to Forbes, the US singer, 26, pulled in US$170 million (S$235 million) in the past year, primarily from her 1989 world tour.

Lucrative advertising contracts and working for brands including Diet Coke, Apple and shoe company Keds also added to her empire.

UK pop powerhouse Adele, 28, trails behind Swift with US$80.5 million. Unlike Swift, most of Adele's wealth came from her having the best-selling album of 2015.

And at No. 3 is Madonna with US$76.5 million, thanks to her Rebel Heart tour, which raked in over US$170 million.

Perry's ranking dropped to sixth.


"Having kids is like an emotional atomic bomb. It’s a reason to live and a reason to go to work. And this is the best job in the world, but it is a job." 

- English singer Robbie Williams on being a father of two

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