Tips from another opening act

It might have been three years since Sezairi Sezali opened for Taylor Swift, but his memory of it is clear as day.

The local singer said Swift had even delayed her sold-out concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to meet him backstage after his set.

"She told me she liked my songs, hugged me and signed her calendar for me. It was a good two minutes, but I can still remember her smell till today," said the 27-year-old, who cites Back to December as his favourite Swift song.

Here, Sezairi shares his tips for Imprompt-3 prior to their performance at her upcoming concert.

Prepare well

"You have to be so well-rehearsed to the point you're not even thinking about your song."

Do not fret over what you should not do

"The stage is where you express yourself, so there are no restrictions. If you harp on this, it will feel very unnatural when you perform."

Live in the moment

"It's all about having fun and enjoying yourself because it will fly right past you and be over before you know it."