Square United Cam has had 12 complaints lodged against it in the past 2½ years, said the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case).

Complaints involve misrepresentation, where the seller makes false statements or promises to induce consumers to sign the contract.

Case executive director Seah Seng Choon said: "For example, the retailer could state that the camera comes with a free tripod stand to persuade the consumer to buy. But in the end, the consumer was charged for the tripod stand."

During that same period of between 2012 and June this year, Case has handled 232 complaints against retailers in Sim Lim Square.

From 106 cases in 2012, it fell to 86 cases last year. The first half of this year saw 40 cases so far.

The top five complaints include misrepresentation, defective goods, sales tactics, overcharging and failure to honour.

Square United Cam appeared on Case's alert list for seven months last year. It has not been highlighted on the list after that.

The alert lists retailers with three or more complaints filed with Case in the past three months.

A check with the alert list showed that although the shop's name is not on the list, the unit number is - with four complaints in three months, between April 2014 and June 2014.

The latest retailers highlighted on the alert list can be found at