$1,200 for a cake? One grandma says it's worth it

She even orders it nine months in advance

Birthdays can be opportunities for a touch of extravagance.

In this case, one woman is ordering a $1,200 cake for her granddaughter's birthday. But housewife Masheela Md Rafi, 47, believes it is worth the money.

She tells The New Paper on Sunday in Malay: "She's my first granddaughter, so I want a grand celebration. This is a present I can give.

"I've waited so long for a granddaughter. My eldest daughter was married for four years before she became pregnant."

Her granddaughter will turn one only in May next year, but Madam Masheela has already ordered the cake nine months in advance.The six-tier cake will have an Alice In Wonderland theme, and is inspired by the cake US celebrity wedding planner David Tutera had made for his daughter earlier this year.

It will feature three books and a tall hat stacked on top of a two-tiered cake base and is decorated with purple, pink and white flowers.

The mother of three daughters, who are in their 20s, says she saw Tutera's cake online and thought it suitable. It will be made by SG Birthdaycakes.

Co-founder Madam Marlisawati Abdul Rahman says the cost is high not only because of the basic construction, but there will also be a lot of "intricate modelling and figurines".

As Madam Masheela is not working, she has been saving up for over a year using the monthly household expenses allowance from her husband, who works as a lorry driver.

She says: "He said okay when I checked with him. He doesn't usually interfere in this type of thing. So I call the shots."