152 get conscientious motorist award

For demonstrating gracious and kind behaviour on the road, 152 motorists were presented with the Conscientious Motorists Award at the Safe Cycling Programme for Youth launch yesterday.

Traffic police have been keeping a lookout for such motorists since October last year.

Motorists can be given the award for deeds as simple as signalling early before changing lanes and giving way to others even if they have the right of way.

The award comes with a commendation certificate and petrol and insurance vouchers.

One of the recipients, Mr Tuan Anuar Tuan Man (above), 45, a prime mover driver, was recognised for helping an elderly woman cross the road safely.

He had just finished making a delivery and was driving along Sembawang Roadwhen he noticed the elderly woman crossing the road despite the light being red for pedestrians.

Said Mr Tuan: "I was worried for her safety. She probably didn't notice the traffic light. So I made sure no vehicles were coming before I turned on my signal light, and got off the lorry to help her."

When he made his way back to his lorry, Mr Tuan noticed a traffic police officer behind his lorry.

"He started asking me for my particulars, and I was a little scared. But he later explained that it was for the award," said Mr Tuan.

Last year, Mr Tuan witnessed an accident involving a car and two motorcycles. Both riders were injured.

Mr Tuan said: "Safety on the road is important. If I didn't help the old lady, it would be an accident waiting to happen."