1D gig a screaming success

ELECTRIC: One Direction boys driving the 33,000-strong crowd (below) wild with two hours of an impressive mix of songs. - TNP PHOTOS: JEREMY LONG

Judging by the unrelenting deafening screams of the 33,000 wild fans - mostly female, of course - One Direction's first show in Singapore was a roaring success.

Despite an hour's delay before the concert began at 9pm, fans were rewarded with an impressive mix of songs spanning the boy band's four albums.

They included hits and favourites like Night Changes, Midnight Memories, Diana, Story Of My Life and You & I before the two-hour set ended with Best Song Ever.

While we wait for our poor hearing to return (thanks, fans), here are some highlights from the show.


Every little action sent the girls into a frenzy.

Anything from a hair flick from Styles, an air kiss from Payne, a smouldering gaze from Malik to a shimmy of the hips from Horan was enough to melt their hearts.

It did not help that the quintet were generous with their charming antics, knowing the reactions they would elicit.


Some lucky fangirls were allowed into the standing area midway through the set.

Before that, they had to make do with singing along and dancing at the seats a distance away from the stage.

Towards the end of Ready To Run, when they were given the go-ahead, they ran like the wind to be closer to their idols.


Our Singapore heat was apparently too much for Styles to handle.

His method of cooling down? Dousing himself with water from a bottle.

His actions pushed the temperature in the stadium through the roof.

Payne also made frequent references to Singapore's tropical heat and the boys were often seen wiping their sweat off with towels and chugging down water.


Malik's super sleek man-bun probably had fans wondering about his haircare regime.

Thanks to Payne, we now know the answer. When he asked Malik about his shampoo of choice, the latter said "whatever the hotel has" because apparently the boys are "quite lazy".


Best Song Ever is truly the best song ever. It was only fitting that they saved this instant mood lifter till the end.

Parents, other halves, girls and boys were still dancing along even after the boys left the stage.

If the fans had their way, they would have probably, as the lyrics go, danced all night to the best song ever.