3 things about organising a K-Pop concert

1 The entourage includes managers, hairstylists, make-up artists and clothes coordinators.

For bigger groups, usually one stylist will be assigned to two artists.

Some acts even bring along their own chefs, masseurs, security officers, videographers, photographers and production crew.

2 Korean artists are very strict with the number of songs they perform.

Usually a fan meet consists of five songs, a showcase consists of 10 songs and a full concert 20 songs.

3 It's seldom that a promoter gets to purchase the rights to stage the show directly.

Some artists and shows are open for bidding, while many are bought from third, fourth and even fifth parties.

It is very common in Korea for some big companies to buy up the concert rights.

Thus, if a promoter wants to stage a show, he will have to go to these companies through an agent, who in turn buys from another agent. This is why Korean shows end up costing so much.