$4,000 chair to help Caelen

SUPPORT: The multi-positioning chair will help support the neck and body. PHOTO: LECKEY.COM

Mr Lam Kam Choy, 31, and his wife, Madam Lowell Tan, 34, turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise money for a multi-positioning chair that costs US$3,000 (S$3,900).

The chair, recommended by their son Caelen's occupational therapist, will provide adequate head and trunk support.

It will allow the boy to be at the same height with his family at the table for meals. He can also learn while sitting upright instead of lying down.


Madam Tan said they resorted to crowdfunding as they had exhausted their savings of $12,000 on Caelen's hospitalisation and medical expenses.

"We initially thought of getting a bank loan but then realised that we would just end up with debt," she said.

The online fund-raising campaign will end next Monday but the couple have raised almost four times more than the US$3,000 they wanted.

They have ordered the chair from the US and it is scheduled to arrive in mid-December.

They plan to save part of the extra money for Caelen's medical expenses and help others with the remainder.

"We believe in paying it forward. It's only right that we help others. We know of some families who have children and are in need of money," said Mr Lam.