5 facts about Anirudh

1 Anirudh Ravichander is the nephew of South Indian superstar Rajinikanth, who is a cultural icon with over a hundred films under his belt.

2 There were many covers of Anirudh's songs made by fans, causing his music label, Sony Music India, to want to take these fans to task over copyright issues. But Anirudh refused to let the company remove the videos, saying: "They should be free to express what they feel, and if they find joy in doing so with my music, why not?"

3 He learnt classical piano from Trinity College of Music in London. He also learnt South India's carnatic music, a type of Indian classical music. He was even part of a carnatic fusion band, honing his skills while waiting for his big break.

4 He studied at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, one of the most prestigious schools in Chennai, India.

5 He did not have a singing background till his third movie - when he started taking singing classes. He still attends them.