6 months pregnant but she makes 1km trek across Causeway

She battled fainting spells and breathlessness as she waddled past the Malaysia and Singapore checkpoints to reach her workplace.

Mrs Wong Hui Juin, who is six months pregnant, was forced to disembark at the Custom & Immigration Quarantine Complex (CIQ) in Johor Baru, and walk all the way into Singapore, before hopping on an SMRT cross-border bus to the nearest MRT station.

"I only got a seat when I boarded the train at Marsiling MRT station," said the Singapore permanent resident.

Mrs Wong, 27, a shipping executive, has been taking the same route from Johor Baru to Singapore since she started primary school here nearly two decades ago.

But yesterday was the first time she had been caught in such a situation.

"I was worried the moment I realised I needed to walk all the way to Woodlands Centre to catch a bus," added Mrs Wong, who said she has had fainting spells on four previous occasions at the CIQ.


"I didn't know if I would be able to make it through the whole walk," said Mrs Wong, who has a two-year-old son.

Describing her 1½-hour long walk, which started from 5.20am, she said: "The walk was long and tiring. I went up and down slopes and even had to climb two flights of stairs at Singapore's checkpoint."

She felt especially giddy when climbing the stairs. Mrs Wong said that it was likely that her fainting spells were aggravated by her low blood pressure and travelling on an empty stomach.

"I wake up early at 4.30am every day to make sure I get to the office in the Central Business District early so that I have time for breakfast," she said.

Adding that she wakes up an hour earlier to take into account any traffic jam at the two checkpoints, she said: "I can't afford to wake up any earlier."

While she was not late for work, the walk took a toll on her.

"My legs are still sore now. I feel like they are going to cramp up anytime," she told The New Paper at 2pm yesterday.

Despite the long walk, Mrs Wong said she does not blame the Malaysian bus drivers.

She said: "I am angry with Malaysia's government, which has been hiking prices on many things since they won the election last year.

"I really hope our government can see this and stop making our lives tougher with these price hikes."

Mrs Wong added: "I'm willing to walk in support of the drivers who protested."